Dr. Koury can help you decide if you can get a dental implant In most cases, you are a good candidate if you ...

... are in good general health.
Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or leukemia, may interfere with healing after surgery and prevent successful placement of an implant.

... have a jawbone that can support an implant.
If you have lost bone in your jaw you may still get an implant, but first bone must be added by a special procedure known as bone grafting.

... don't use tobacco.
Smoking can cause dental implants to fail.

Good oral hygiene is very important to the success of the implant. You'll need to make sure the area around the implant is especially clean. Dr. Koury may recommend using a special toothbrush, called an interproximal brush, or a mouth rinse to help prevent cavities and other problems.

Regular dental visits are also important. Dr. Koury will create a schedule of regular checkups and professional cleanings to keep your implant and your natural teeth healthy!