• Does your jaw feel stiff or do you have difficulty opening your mouth wide?
  • Are your teeth sensitive to cold drinks?
  • Do your jaw muscles feel tired in the morning?

Surprisingly, TMJ pain, headache, neck and shoulder pain, mobile teeth and tooth wear can sometimes be traced back to the simple event of a top and bottom tooth contacting before the rest of the teeth.  This problem is said to be muscle related.

The problem is said to be joint-related when symptoms such as painful opening and closing and clicking and popping, and a "stuck" jaw occur.

The important thing is to identify or rule out dental causes for the above symptoms.

In addition to relieving pain, treating these symptoms is cost effective compared to ignoring the condition. Without treatment, crowns (caps), bridges, implants and dentures are often needed to repair or replace worn and damaged teeth.

Ask Dr. Koury how she can help you feel better.

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